Marble Wall Cladding

Marble Wall Cladding is the most tangible value option for your structure. There is a marble cladding for every room and decorative style. Thanks to the different types of marble finishes such as sandblasted or flamed that are non-slip and ideal for exteriors. Honed or polished finishes, where the porosity is being reduced to the minimum expression, have a fine and very smooth surface. Naturally occurring, Marble stone has been a staple of building materials since the beginning of time. The major benefits of marble stone cladding are its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. With a myriad of possibilities that can enhance the look of any exterior or interior, having a sound understanding of marble stone cladding is paramount to ensuring proper usage within your project.

Anka Enterprise is a Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Marble Wall Cladding. Marble Wall Cladding is a process of layering one material over another material. Marble Wall cladding simply means to layer material over a wall. It is also known as siding. Marble Wall Cladding can be carried out on not just the exterior walls but also the interior walls. Several materials can be used to layer the walls, depending on the requirement. This gives you a wide variety to choose from and it gives a new look to the building structure.

Marble Wall Cladding has several advantages from Aesthetic look and feel that improves appearance of revamped walls to Safety & Protection that improves the resistance of the structure to various elements like cracks due to climate change, rain, humidity, sunlight, etc. Marble Wall cladding materials offer insulation benefits too. The extra layer installed on the walls provides insulation to the walls from heat, water, and sound. The most beneficial advantage of marble wall cladding is that it does not require maintenance frequently as compared to painting the walls.

Marble wall claddings like natural stones are excellently resistant to heat as they can absorb radiation and emancipate it steadily, allowing the temperature of the interiors to be mild and constant. Marble wall cladding is non-permeable in nature, hence it protects the building from environmental elements such as extreme events of rainfall or sunlight that can degrade the durability of a structure.

There are several types of Marble wall cladding like Exterior Marble Wall Cladding, Interior Marble Wall Cladding, Bathroom Marble Wall Cladding, Kitchen Marble Wall Cladding, etc. Marble stone is long known for its royal richness. Marble Wall Cladding is best suited for interior cladding. Marble Cladding is best known for its toughness and the stability of its colour and texture.

Indian Marble Wall Cladding Price is competitive among the other types of Global Marble Wall Cladding. Anka Enterprise provides premium quality Marble Wall Cladding Rates, that match with our esteemed customers budgets. We exclusively provide Wall Cladding in different colour marble & granite like Green Marble Wall Cladding, Purple Marble Wall Cladding, Grey Marble Wall Cladding, Pink Marble Wall Cladding, etc.

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