we provide Indian
Marble & Granite

While is world is spoilt for choices, Indian Marble & Granite have remained timeless favourite. We offer Natural Indian Marble & Granite in all form and shapes to suit customer requisites.

White Marble

Enrich your experience with radiance of Banswara White Marble from Tripura Sundari Mines.

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Green Marble

Immerse in natural charismatic beauty and amazing texture of Green Marble from Kesariyaji Mines.

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Purple Marble

An original of its class known for it's Dramatic impact and purple hue mined exclusively from Banswara.

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Pink Marble

Quintessential representation of harmony and evening pink shades extracted from Paloda Mines.

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Grey Marble

Add richness to your edifice and subtleness to your interiors with Grey marble from Paloda Mines.

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Toronto Marble

Rustic earthy tone marble with natural coffee brown shades for embellishing feel from Sawar Mines.

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Black Granite

A bouquet of elegance, beauty and strength offered from by deep black granite for modern home decor.

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Brown Granite

Indian brown granite with 0% water absorbent capacity suitble for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity.

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Red Granite

Unique shades of red to lightup exteriors, hallways, aisles and other outdoor/indoor structures.

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