Marble Powder

Marble chips that have been crushed to form marble powder. Marble powder is used as an inert pigment and Filler in paints. Even as a fine marble powder, some of the crystalline surfaces reflect light adding a sparkle to regions in which was been added to the Plaster used in a fresco support. Marble powder was also added to the grounds of some famous paintings to produce a fresco-like appearance. Additionally it is used as a bulking agent in repairs on Porcelain and ceramics.

Anka Enterprise is a Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Marble Powder. Marble powder is used in various industries like cement industry to make varied concrete mixes and as admixture or filler. It is also one of the core ingredient in industries like paint, plastic, tootpaste, etc. Marble Powder can also be used as sealant in between tiles, mosaics and other architechtural purposes. Marble powder is made in to gesso or is mixed with resin and is cast into moulds to make intricate designs, murals, motifs, statues, etc.

Marble powder has wide range applications in ceramic industry for making various products from Tiles to Vase, Cutlery to Commode, etc which are made from premix of sand, clay, mud and marble powder. The other uses of marble powder are as follows, used as raw material in soap & detergent, leather industry, cable industry, PVC pipes, Vulcanisation of Rubber, Iron Steel & Ferro Alloy Industry, Paints, Inks, Powder Coating, Glass Industry, Mould Making, Dye Making, Casting, etc. Marble Powder is also known as marble dust.

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