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Anka Enterprise is a Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Natural Indian Marble & Granite. The organization is set up at Banswara, Rajasthan, India which makes us an exclusive Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Banswara White Marble & Banswara Purle Marble and has been increasing present expectations with its premium quality and predominant administration.

We focus on extending the options for our epicurean customers by timely updating ourselves and following the world accepted standards. We are proficient in marble and granite mining, processing, exploration, and innovation improvement.

We have been on a journey that has mesmerizing effects all over India. Our marble and granite show premium architectural grandeur and has been viably adding craftsmanship to Residential & Corporate structures like Villa, Hotels, Offices, Showrooms, Farmhouses, Malls, Clubs, and various other excess activities. We consistently aim to enhance each space with loftiness, artfulness, and unparalleled simplicity.

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we provide Indian
Marble & Granite

While is world is spoilt for choices, Indian Marble & Granite have remained timeless favourite. We offer Natural Indian Marble & Granite in all form and shapes to suit customer requisites.

White Marble

Enrich your experience with radiance of Banswara White Marble from Tripura Sundari Mines.

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Green Marble

Immerse in natural charismatic beauty and amazing texture of Green Marble from Kesariyaji Mines.

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Purple Marble

An original of its class known for it's Dramatic impact and purple hue mined exclusively from Banswara.

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Pink Marble

Quintessential representation of harmony and evening pink shades extracted from Paloda Mines.

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Grey Marble

Add richness to your edifice and subtleness to your interiors with Grey marble from Paloda Mines.

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Toronto Marble

Rustic earthy tone marble with natural coffee brown shades for embellishing feel from Sawar Mines.

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Black Granite

A bouquet of elegance, beauty and strength offered from by deep black granite for modern home decor.

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Brown Granite

Indian brown granite with 0% water absorbent capacity suitble for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity.

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Red Granite

Unique shades of red to lightup exteriors, hallways, aisles and other outdoor/indoor structures.

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New & Exclusive

Vibrant natural shades thats are new, trending and is exclusively available with us.

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Lapotra / Leather
Finish Granite

Impervious, Scratch Resistant, Durable, Strong, Non Slippery, Textured, Matt Finish Granite specially suited for eloquent craftmanship, courtyard and flooring. It also improves the visual depth of environment and resembles a work of art.

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Wall Cladding

Wall cladding gives exterior & interior finish, it protects the underlying structure & provides aesthetic purpose. It is used to improve thermal insulation, weather resistance and appearance of buildings. We provide wall cladding in all sizes and dimensions.

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A subtle touch of elegance to lure in to a magnifico peice of excellence. Marble tiles are available in all shapes and sizes and is suitable for kitchen tabletops, backsplash, pools, bathrooms and vanity due to its 0% water absorbent capacity.

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& Cobbles

Pebbles & Cobbles help remove monotonity of your architectural structure and balances the squares with curves. A subtle rich look of finest quality marble in wide ranges of pebbles and cobble are available with us in all sizes and dimensions.

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Powdered marble dust has varied usage in industries like Rubber, Glass, Paint, Alloys, Leather, Cable, Construction, etc. It can be used as an admixutre in concrete to increase it's strength or as a filler material in cement industry.

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Feel the pleasure of luxury with us.